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So where do you start?

I started brewing   after  a friend of mine poured me a beer one New Years Eve and after me recognizing    it as a craft beer and asking the type he proceeded to tell me he made it!!

What you can make beer?
What rock had I    been lying under all my life, clearly a big one.

My wife then bought me a starter kit, comprising of  plastic bucket, plastic spoon, hydrometer, twin chamber bubler, measuring spoons,  bottle caps  and a   beginner kit, I think it was a Lager.

From then on began the journey...

How the journey unfolds

Brewing beer doesn't  need to be seen as   climbing a mountain. Hopefully you will be lucky with getting help at a home brewing    store or you will take the plunge and join a home brewing club.

Once you have brewed your first beer and you find that it was a success you will start the journey  to become the worlds best brewer as your beer you made is clearly the best their is.

Then the decision making begins


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