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Kegging Decisions

What do you need to get into Kegging?

Well lets help you out:

- Keg

- Tap

- Disconnects or coupler

- Beer line & gas line

- Regulator

- Gas

But with all the options out there we  thought we share our experience and knowledge to help you choose the right items suited to your needs


Yours Here..

Self build keezer

Premium 2 tap kegerator

Custom Kegerator Builds

Triple tap kegerator

Depending on your needs there are various options available.

You will need to know many kegs you plan on having running at any given time, space available for the fridge as well as the looks you are going for depending on where the fridge will live

- The Premium kegerator fridge has temperature control

- Keezer builds will require a temperature controller (STC1000 or similar) and a PC fan to ensure even airflow

Happy Mother’s Day...👩 make sure you sp


Why bottle, Kegit

When home brewing there are various kegs out there, the choice will usually be between a ball lock corny keg or pin lock corny keg corny keg.

You may even run G type kegs if your batch size is larger than 23L.

Ultimately the one thing you should try do is have all of your kegs the same type.

Cornys come in 9, 10, 19 & 20L

G type and S type come in 30 & 50L


Where do you get your gas?

When considering your regulator you need to consider how easy you can get gas, especially when you run out which might also be over the weekend or late at night when the party is just starting.

We stock both the standard co2 regulators for your rented bottle or fire extinguisher as well as our favorite item in the shop the Sodastream regulator.

The sodastream bottle is so easy to exchange and one can easily keep a spare on hand for when you run out to just switch.


How many taps do you want?

Our towers are super versatile.

Start off with a single tower, then add as your budget allows.

Perhaps you want a Stout Tap for those dark beers you feel like sometimes.

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