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PLEASE ENTER THE NEAREST CITY (Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Bethlehem) WHEN COMPLETING THE SHIPPING DETAILS IN THE CITY FIELD  i.e for Centurion use Pretoria.

Mobile Beer Cooler - 2 Tap

R11 500.00
Out of stock
Product Details
Two tap mobile draught beer dispensing unit.

Bulk orders are available with a lead time of 2 weeks. 

Customising of tower colour or box can be arranged but charged additionally.

How does it work?

Simply add ice onto the chill plate by lifting up the drip tray. 

Connect beer lines to unit and keg coupler(sold separately) connect up gas line to coupler and regulator(sold separately) turn on the co2 gas bottle(sold separately) 

The room temperature keg will then dispense the beer ice cold by running through the chill plate. 

Perfect for parties, festivals, family get together etc. 

This unit requires a consistent ice level on the chill plate. Once the ice melts water can be drained away and ice must be restocked. 

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