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PLEASE ENTER THE NEAREST CITY (Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Bethlehem) WHEN COMPLETING THE SHIPPING DETAILS IN THE CITY FIELD  i.e for Centurion use Pretoria.


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Want to get brew your own beer from home? Grab one of our started kits which includes the following:

1. 25l plastic fermentation bucket with tap and temperature indicator strip.

2. Funnel

3. Beer/wine hydrometer

4. Thermometer

5. Bottle brush

6. Measuring spoon

7. 1 Litre sanitizer solution

8. Large brewing spoon

9. Kit recipe

10. Instruction and guide for brewing your first batch

What else do you need?

10l pot to brew your first batch. We do sell these but you may already own one.

Empty glass or plastic brown/green bottles for bottling your beer and allowing for final carbonation step to occur. Bottle capper and crown corks.

Hop sock or some old stockings to add hops into when brewing up your first batch.

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